Most people imagine that owning a piece of land, or being a farmer, condemns people to a life where they have to toil daily and keep ploughing the fields to make a living. While there are farmers who enjoy the idea of digging land and sowing crops, it does not have to be the only way to earn money. There are several inventive methods farmers can use to make some extra income, such as the following.

Make the Farm an Educational Facility

There are schools and other institutional facilities which are seeking information and hands-on experiences from farmers. Why not turn your farm into a mini school? You can charge a fee, and take people around your farm, as you educate them on the equipment, facilities and items that are available on your farm. This works very well if you have cut a niche in specific areas, such as growing unique crops, or if your farm is packed with facilities that people may want to learn about.

Turn Your Farm into a Camping Site

In a world where buildings are springing up everywhere, and nature is being erased, you can rake in some money by turning your farm into a campsite. A search on the internet will show you how many campers, students and lovers are looking for a serene environment to rest. Create space in your farm where they can pitch tents and camp for a fee.

Create a Bed and Breakfast Hotel

This works if you have extra rooms in your compound. You can decorate them and turn them into a bed and breakfast hotel. You can spice things up by having a menu which incorporates food that is harvested directly from the farm and charge a fee for it.

Set up a Wedding Site

Photos taken on a farm are breathtaking and memorable. The scenery provides a uniqueness which most couples are looking for when searching for a venue to tie the knot. You can give them that pleasure and make some money out of it. Make sure you keep the compound neat and add some aesthetics such as flowers and scented herbs to make it even more special.

Turn It into a Private Fishing Area

This is for people whose farms have dams or a water body. You can charge people to visit and fish, as long as it is done responsibly, in a way which does not harm the fish. If you have a dam or pond that you intend to make a fishing ground, you will have to keep it stocked and think about the species you want to keep.

Sell By-Products

There are several things which most farmers never imagine could make them money. Items such as feathers, manure, animal hide and other by-products can be sold to people who use them. You can stretch your market using social media pages to alert people around you, that by-products are available for sale.

Lease Land to Other Farmers

Being a farm owner does not necessarily mean that you have to be at the farm all the time. You can take a break and still make money by leasing the farm to other farmers. As long as they are not using the piece of land to engage in illegal activities, you are safe. Do a thorough background check on the person seeking to lease your estate so that you have no regrets later.

Write and Sell Articles About Farming

Imagine the crowds you would pull, if you started sharing your experiences about farming on social media or the internet. There are numerous possibilities of what can be written about or recorded for the web if you are a farmer. These articles can be put up for sale.